logo DiceLottery is a program which maps (random) events from an available source to a desired destination. For instance you can choose lottery numbers to bet on by throwing a pair of dice (several times). This way, you can use an available, fair source of events which you trust (e.g. a coin, a pair of dice) and map its outcomes to your desired destination (e.g. lottery numbers, the winner for a drawing).

The program also ensures fairness in the mapping it performs (your source of events must also be fair of course). For instance when throwing a coin 3 times in order to choose a day of the week, the mapping is performed from 8 (=23) to 7 events. If all 8 would be mapped, then the 7 days of the week would not have equal probabilities (and thus the mapping would not be fair). The program will only map (the first) 7 inputs and report that the mapping can't be performed if you enter the 8th one.


Download the latest version from sourceforge. The program is distributed as a .zip archive containing a (cross-platform) .jar file and a few other configuration files. After unzipping, you may run the program by double-clicking the .jar or by typing java -jar dicelottery.jar in a terminal. You need Java installed.

Source code

Browse the sources on github.

Read the API Documentation (generated using javadoc).


A PAD file for the program is provided here. It was created using padbuilder.com and is used by sites like softpedia to be notified about the latest version.

My sourceforge developer page.

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